About us

Kamalambal Catering Services was started as a small ‘at-home’ catering service in Chennai the year 1998. Mr.Krishnamoorthy, a former hotelier, who moved to Chennai in the late nighties was bored. His sons were independent, and working in reputed firms, and he was pretty bored to the hilt. 55 years of manning a hotel, and then you retire, life comes to a standstill, doesn’t it? He just wanted to keep himself occupied, and to play away with all the restlessness, he started a small cafe at home. As the authentic tambrahm food cooked up it’s awesomeness on the visitors, word picked up simultaneously, and people were bowled over by the authentic and delicious home cooked tambrahm meals.

After him, his loyal customers prodded his wife, the sons and the daughters-in-law to jump the bandwagon, and they quit their jobs to form the A-Team. From a small ‘at-home’ catering service, Kamalambal Catering Services growth is nothing short of a wowstory. From catering food for 10 people, we have grown to cater to a wedding with 7000 visitors. And all this has been made possible because of our loyal customer base, who not only help us experiment but also help us spread the word about our services. We are forever indebted to them.

At Kamalambal Catering Services, we believe in providing clean, quality food at very affordable rates. Each function we cater to is our home function, each customer, our king. We believe in the power of happiness through great food, and we are doing our best to ensure that a million stomachs and more smile that happy smile.

Kamalambal: The Best Wedding Caters in Chennai
Celebrate your favourite day as well as enjoy innovative foods that make the most of seasonal produce. At Kamalambal catering services, we love weddings. We savour the change to contribute to these special days where a couple gets to celebrate their lovable relationship and love whilst delimited by friends and family. Nothing beats the atmosphere of a wedding day, with air optimism, excitement, and joy saturated everything, together with the food and refreshments.
We are an established wedding caterer in across Chennai and our comprehensive range of services involve helping with your wedding day planning and of course providing a appetizing range of foods with the best catering that every guest will enjoy. Our professional Staffs are provided delicious dishes to fulfil your entire requirement. They gave their all effort for stunning food presentation; we have developed a reputation for ourselves as some of the leading best wedding catering services in the town.