Brahmin caterer

Brahmin caterers start with the engagement ceremony or Nischaiyahtartham. The event of the engagement ceremony in the case of Brahmin Iyers takes place in the groom’s residence. The event of the engagement ceremony in the case of Brahmin Iyengars happens in the bride’s home. The Brahmin priest writes the ‘lagna patrika’ with the specification of the date, time and venue of the marriage. Kamalambal Caterers takes care of the full arrangement including priest, photo / video, catering service, etc…

Make your party more special with kamalambalcateringservices
You are planning a party for people who are on a vegetarian diet? Don’t look for food caterers specialized in vegetarian menus because they don’t exist in Chennai food scene. Your saviours are the classy caterers whose services are for both the veggie and non-veggie. These brahmin wedding caterers give a few plant-based menus in their offers for you to celebrate your special occasions conveniently. We are top brahmin caterers all over Chennai.
If you want to have a mixed order of veggie and non-veggie dishes to cater for your mixed crowd of guests, some caterers are happy to assist you. Scan through our list to find out your right services.

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