Brahmin Catering Services

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You are planning a party for people who are on vegetarian diet? Don’t look for food caterers specialized in vegetarian menus because they don’t exist in Chennai food scene, in deed. Your saviors are the classy caterers.whose services are for both the veggie and non-veggie.

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If you are looking for the best Brahmin Caterers in Chennai, we are the right destination for you for taking care of Brahmin ceremonies like Upanayanam. Brahmin Wedding ceremonies are incomplete without satisfying the guests with a number of finger-licking veg dishes served over banana leaves. At Kamalambal catering services, we know how to do that as we have been providing Brahmin catering services in Chennai on purely Brahmin food along with best quality arrangements since more than a decade.

For a Brahmin vegetarian ceremony our food menu has got never-taste-before and delicious dishes on south Indian veg snacks, veggie soups, rice, dals, salads, custards and a whole range of juices to cherish.

You won’t find any other Brahmin Caterers in Chennai giving you such a variety of dishes under a budget-friendly price in the entire city. In Kamalambal, we arrange for veg as well as non-veg dishes for an occasion or event of any size. We can manage a large crowd with completely separate counters for veg and non-veg. Our items are not limited, repeated and the same for every event rather, you will get a diverse range of packages of super delicious veg food as per your guest niche. Needless to say, our expertise of Brahmin catering services in Chennai over 20 years makes us the best choice for your requirement.