Catering Services

catering services.

An event becomes a memory when it has delicious food to please its guests. It’s not just food but rather the way of presentation that even matters. At Kamalambal Catering, we understand this better than anyone else. With our 20 years of experience into catering services in Chennai, we know what taste tickles a tongue the most. Our master chefs are good at their skills and this is what our customers say.

We love to take catering orders against any size of guest. It’s not simply cooking anything to serve on the table. Rather, it’s about serving dishes that will take your guests by surprise on the food counter. Our Catering services in Chennai are open for any type of event such as Marriage, Corporate events, Birthday Parties etc. We can bring equal amount of craze for a vegetarian dish just like a non-vegetarian dish.

We understand your taste niches and suggest customizable catering package accordingly. If you have a guest to surprise in near future through a party, hire us for your needs against catering services in Chennai. We will make sure to satisfy their appetite with best finger-licking dishes possible.