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The Ayush Homam is one such, performed on the completion of first year of birth Nakshatra (note - not as per birth date, but the day of constellation that falls on the same Indian Calender month in the following year of birth). Primarily to pray for longevity and prosperity of life this Homam is performed. Ayush = meaning age or tenure of life, and Homam, the invocation of the deity through a consecrated fire. Though it is usually performed on the First birthday (Star-wise) of the baby, it can even be performed anytime later during one's lifetime. After the Homam, the child is given the remainder cooked rice as a Prasadam, added wtih sugar. Then, the child's head is tonsured to get rid of the dirts, that associated while in mother's womb. After giving bath, the ear piercing takes place to complete the function. We at Kamalambal caterers take great pleasure to do catering services for people who do such homams as we have an excellent team of cooks who specialize to make the delicacy of vegetarian catering services.
Upanayana is one of the traditional Word, that marked the acceptance of a student by a guru (teacher) and an individual's entrance to a school in Hinduism. The tradition is widely discussed in ancient Sanskrit texts of India and varies regionally.
Brahmin caterers start with the engagement ceremony or Nischaiyahtartham. The event of the engagement ceremony in the case of Brahmin Iyers takes place in the groom's residence. The event of the engagement ceremony in the case of Brahmin Iyengars happens in the bride's home. The Brahmin priest writes the 'lagna patrika' with the specification of the date, time and venue of the marriage. Kamalambal Caterers takes care of the full arrangement including priest, photo / video, catering service, etc...
We are of the top notch in this profession with quality in the trade mark. Excellent in the services and experiences, ie. Invaluable is what holds us apart from the rest. Our staffs look forward at every function with keen enthusiasm making your experience once in a life time. Whether, it is private, home party, marriage or big events.
Griha Pravesh is a ceremony performed on the occasion of one's first entry into a new house. Once the house is ready, the family moves in on an auspicious day that is determined by the astrological charts. Purity of panchang (almanac) and auspicious time (muhurat) must be considered during the griha pravesh. Three types of griha pravesh have been mentioned in our ancient scriptures:
  • Apoorva : First entry to newly constructed house on a newly selected land is called apoorva (new) griha pravesh.
  • Sapoorva: Entry into an already existing house after travelling abroad or migration elsewhere is called sapoorva griha pravesh.
  • Dwandwah: Entry into a house to after reconstruction or renovation subsequent to damage due to fire, flood or earthquake, is termed as dwandwah (old) griha pravesh.
For apoorva griha pravesh, the exact auspicious time need to be adhered to. For sapoorva griha pravesh or dwandwah griha pravesh, the purity of the panchang should begiven due consideration.
Kamlambal caterers Chennai are the best caterers in chennai and kamalambal Caterers offer fresh, tasty & Vegetarian Food as per your requirement. Even Packed food for Corporates in Chennai can be organized. Styles of Food : North Indian - South Indian, Offered : Corporate Companies Business Meetings, Events Outdoor Parties, Weddings, Birthday Parties, house warming ceremony any other functions around Chennai. Among many caterers in Chennai.
We specialize in corporate events of any scale for any occasion like,
  • Family Day
  • Diwali Party
  • New year party
  • Annual day or any other occasion
We provide complete event management solution including decoration, catering, light, sound or any special requirement.
Kamalambal Catering services takes responsibility of serving the best food for any birthday parties, function or event. We are a well trusted name when it come to the Birthday Parties. We have multiple menus & packages to suit different requirements. For more detail, please fill up the forms. Our executive will get back to you. Or you can reach us kamalambalcateringservices for any queries & customized quotes.

At Kamalambal Catering Services, we are not just committed to providing quality food at affordable rates but we are also adept at taking care of A-Z of your wedding needs. From engagement to the reception, we will help you plan and organize every minutia of the wedding, just like your family does.

Our list of corporate clients ranges from Infosys, to Cognizant to SBI and LIC, etc. We take every function seriously, and we believe a healthy smile and a happy stomach.

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Kamalambal catering services, the traditional Indian fine-dine restaurant since 2008 in Chennai and India continues its creative take on best veg food with our veg catering service, as well as several Indian traditional food, combining finer quality ingredients with innovative techniques enhanced by our iyengar and vegetarian caterers.Bets and delicious Indian foods are prepared with always the fresh and seasonal produce under the tantalizing care of our qualified chefs. Refreshing signature dishes are added to the classics seasonally. Our impeccable service by the knowledgeable staff complements the delightful dine in experience. So you can place order for vegetarian marriage caterers.

Get in touch with us for the menu. We can also provide customised menus based on your needs. All you have to do is pick up the phone and give us a call, or just send us a enquiry.